The Future of Branding Is Purpose | IN GOOD CO


We love a good story, but more importantly, we are hungry for connection and intimacy. That’s why your Purpose is the most important piece to any story (not the ‘“what,” not even the “how” of your product or business).

Most leaders and companies start from the outside—the “what.” They champion their product. But in a crowded, noisy marketplace, it’s the “why” that makes all the difference. “Why” speaks to Purpose, cause, belief, and motivation. It’s why you get out of bed in the morning. It’s why you’re inspired by what you do. It’s what makes you utterly unique and unmistakably special.

Having loyal customers and building a community comes down to reaching out to the people who also believe in your “why.” But authentic Purpose and story is something we feel. It’s real, and when it isn’t… well, we can tell.

Dana Covit