An Unflinching Belief in Simplicity: Jesse Kamm | Freunde von Freunden

Photography by Claire Cottrell

Photography by Claire Cottrell

“Not to say that I’m a master of clothing, but of what I do, of my tiny little thing that I create, this little microcosm that I’m in charge of in this world, I’m the master of that. And I feel really happy about it.”

— Jesse Kamm

Dressed effortlessly in soft desert tones, Jesse Kamm has an ease about her that extends to the simple, beautiful habitat she has created with her husband and son in the hills of Northeast Los Angeles. Their home is made up mostly of warm woods and clean whites. The plain, unfussy lines of mid-century modern furniture are punctuated by deeply personal objects, art pieces and unexpected treasures. Discovered robin’s nests sit next to a delicate hummingbird skeleton positioned in a display cabinet.

A portrait painted by a dear friend hangs in the living room. Stoneware vessels made by Jesse’s mother – a potter – line the windowsill. Each piece, loved and adored and chosen with intention and meaning, imbues the space with a profound thoughtfulness that reflects the philosophy of its inhabitants. This motivation extends to the Jesse Kamm fashion label, a line made up – season after season – of enduring classics. Pieces that carry with them the vibrations of Jesse’s own hand in their making. Pieces that tell a story of time, place and purpose.

For Jesse, this unflinching belief that simplicity is best comes from the teachings of her parents, and also her husband, who shares in the same guiding principles. In her sun-speckled studio space nestled in a back room of the family’s beautiful home, Jesse shares with us stories of building a second home on a Panamanian archipelago, dumpster diving for the sake of running her beloved vintage Mercedes on discarded vegetable oil, and hitting her 10,000 hour stride.


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